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Membership in The Network of Nonprofit Search Consultants is by invitation only for individuals who actively conduct searches for nonprofit organizations. Our members maintain a retained search practice or practice area that mainly consists of nonprofit organizations and they are associated with a firm that is predominantly devoted to executive search.

Our members conduct business in a manner representing the highest ethical standards and best practices. They actively participate in the collegial exchange of non-proprietary information and ideas. Each member serves on a planning committee for a conference or on a task force for a specific project.

Code of Ethics

Members sign the NNSC Code of Ethics
which states that they will practice their profession in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession and will:

  • Perform all search assignments with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and timeliness.
  • Respect confidentiality for clients and candidates during the search and in the future.
  • Accurately communicate the strengths and challenges of the client organization to the candidate and the strengths and challenges of the candidate to the organization.
  • Speak positively about current and previous clients and candidates.
  • Support diversity and inclusion in employment and objectively evaluate all candidates.
  • Avoid or resolve conflicts of interest through disclosure or waiver.
  • Comply with applicable local, state, provincial and federal civil and criminal laws.

For more information or to receive our membership application, please contact Carolyn Roche, Association Manager.