2024 Spring Meeting Handouts

Session 01

Speakers: Todd Owens (He/Him), Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Julie Stephens, Talent Acquisition Manager, Department of Human Resources, King County

Session 01 - HR & Recruiting Culture Within Large Institutions

Session 01 - MEMBER NOTES

Session 02

Speaker: Venu Gupta (She/Her), Executive Director/Founder, Solidarity Futures

Session 02 - Creating More Successful Outcomes for Candidates of Color

Session 02 - MEMBER NOTES

Session 02 - Solidarity Futures & Executive Search

Session 03

Speakers: Marcia Wright-Soika (She/Her), Executive Director, FamilyWorks Food Bank and Resource Center, Bindiya Patel (She/Her), Executive Director, Leadership Tomorrow, and Lee Lambert, Executive Director, Cascade Bicycle Club

Session 03 - MEMBER NOTES

Member Engagement/Strategic Planning

Facilitator: Michelle Hynes (She/Her)

Member Engagement Strategic Planning Session

NNSC Strategic Alignment Survey - membership review

Session 04 - "Ask the Attorneys"

Speakers: Peter J. Smith (He/Him), Partner, The Apex Law Group PLLC